Photo Zoom Privacy

Regarding Privacy Changes

Hi Photo Zoom for Facebook on Chrome enthusiast,

I understand how troubling it can be when you get a scary message telling you some software can do things you may not have been aware of. The good new is that is not the case with Photo Zoom

You can rest assured that Photo Zoom does not access, view, use, manipulate, or even care about any of your Facebook or browsing data, history or private information, at all.

Since PZ4FB was first released years ago we've had a set of permissions that allow the extension to run and operate on as well as across your multiple tabs with facebook open. Chrome, of course, let's you know that the extension runs on In addition, PZ4FB requires a permission called "tabs" which, unfortunately, triggers a warning in Chrome stating that PZ4FB can access your browsing activity. Of course, PZ4FB does not access your data, even if it could according to Chrome. You can read more about this specific permission here, on Google Code's docs

On June 5th, 2012, as part of a release to fix a lot of changes Facebook was making to the timeline, we also added a web-permission for this domain, so users who contact us with issues they've found in PZ4FB, we can better understand what's happening. In doing so, Chrome has let you know of the other permissions once again, even though they are not new. No new permissions have been added beyond this domain.

Again, this extension does not access, nor would it even want to access, any of your browsing data or personal information, even if it could. PZ4FB only cares about zooming photos. It's unfortunate that I cannot continue to innovate without these silly warnings.

There will be an official privacy policy up here soon stating the same as above. Sorry for any confusion. You're more than welcome to contact me with any additional concerns.

Thanks for enjoying Photo Zoom for Facebook,

Regis Gaughan, III